Stainless Steel Tanks

Xcell Engineering designs and manufactures a wide range of tanks and components for the wine industry. Your job could never be too big or too small. We’ve made 1,000 litre tanks for small boutique wineries and clusters of 50,000 litre tanks for the bigger players in New Zealand’s wine industry as well as the ever popular Variable Capacity (VC) transportable tanks. The tanks we build are issued a New Zealand wide PS1 Producer Statement. Using Xcell tanks in your winery is worth considering as they will protect your investment and reduce your earthquake insurance.

Variable Capacity Tanks

We are market leaders with our Variable Capacity tanks and lids which customers revere for their proven durability and ease of use. Some of our customers have been using the same VC lids and seals for more than 10 years now and love the fact that they are ‘Made in New Zeland’! To date, we have produced VC lids from 1,000mm to 2,300mm in diameter. We could make them larger still, if required.

These lids are also increasing wineries’ storage capacities by enabling them to use open top tanks for year-round storage with the lids “floating” to the required level.

We have developed our own food grade inflatable seals and perfected the vulcanising process for joining the seal and installing the inflatable valve.


With all our years of experience producing tanks we have also become experts in manufacturing components, from strainers to pressure release valves to davit arms – you name it, we make it. All you have to do is get in touch to discuss your requirements. If we don’t already have a solution for you, we will come up with one.

Food Grade Engineering

Please don’t think that we only cater for the wine industry. We will happily engineer trollies, bins, hoppers, irrigators, agitators and more for the for a the general food industry. In fact, our workshops are separated into two buildings to avoid contamination; one for stainless steel and one for mild steel manufacture.

PS1 Barrel Racks

Xcell Engineering will design racks to perfectly fit your spacific barrel size.  All of our racks are hot-dip-galvanised and have a PS1 rating for stacking five high. The unique X’Cell Engineering PS1 Wine Barrel Racking system has been issued a New Zealand wide PS1 Producer Statement. For peace of mind and to reduce your earthquake insurance you should consider protecting your investment by using X’cell engineering barred racks in your winery.


X’cell Engineering is an independent ducting manufacturer that proudly supplies some of the leading HVAC businesses in New Zealand:


By using the latest CAD software linked to a state-of-the-art plasma cutter, X’cell Engineering is able to provide precision results on time and within budget for every job.

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